[xk] XK120 DHC hood installation

Hello to all,
I purchased new timbers plus a hood kit for my '53 DHC a few years
With another winter now approaching in chilly Ballarat Aus tis time
to install the new hood and it’s hood lining etc ASAP
Is any one out there able to supply photos, instructions and / or
both please re installation procedures
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In reply to a message from Nor750s sent Sun 5 Feb 2012:

Thank you to all that responded to my call for help. Photos and
descriptions areall going to be very helpful
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I am in the process of reassembling the hood frame on my 120DHC after dismantling to bead blast and paint.
Silly me has forgotten how to reassemble the 2 haf round rubber blocks mounted on cantrail arms and the springs inside plastic tubes that go from this to the centre bow - can anyone provide a photos of this area?

Terry, think I have photos of your query. Not being technically oriented please bare with me whilst I find photos and then organise my better half on how to send them to you. Cheers Rod

I would be keen to see the pictures, I did place this piece on a couple of threads that related to hoods and on another one someone was able to pro9vide some great and very helpful pics but as noted I would love to see yours as well

thanks terry

Hi Terry,
do you mean that you could not see the pictures or that you would like other pictures. What would you like?

I was able to view all your photos perfectly at the other thread so no problems but with someone else offering on this thread which someone may trip over more the merrier
regards terry