[xk] XK120 frame dimensions, measurements

Can anyone assist me,
I need measurements, figures, on the frame. Mine seems slightly bent and
I’m about to try to correct it, with the professional assistance from a
local shop.
Especially the front end from the cross member for the gearbox to the
mounting points for the “Cow horn” behind the front bumpers

Just checking did anyone help you with frame dimensions , i have the same problem .
i have a early XK 120 chassis

Frame dimensions are shown on page 93 of “ Jaguar xk120 Explored” by Viart John

Thank you John for replying, the frame the book Jaguar xk120 Explored” by Viart dimensions are for a later XK Chassis .
If anyone has a XK 120 OTS early chassis with the body off could i get cross measurements or a photo of the front end of the chassis . chassis type C.3387/1
thank you Kevin

What is the chassis number?

The chassis number is 671124 1951 Xk 120 OTS

Wow I am doing 671129 currently Body is off the frame right now. Tell me exactly what you want and I will try tomorrow…

WOW is right , thanks Jim I am heading to my shop shortly l will attach photos of what I need . By chance are you in Ontario.

Hi Jim, here are the photos showing the frame on our jig. my number is 705 876 8394 if a phone call is needed. my email is kevinjcarlawgmail.com

I’ll try my best. It will be a little hard for some of the measurements because the engine is already in the frame. I have all the suspension on as well but will still be able to see the center of the bolt holes.

Thank you very much I know it’s a lot to ask for.

I the new Viart XK120 book there is a double page spread of the chassis.
The chassis apart from minor variations on front engine mounts, the increased height of front bumper mounts for FHC/DHC and extra body mount pate on top of rear shocks and the odd tag for exhaust mount, I would have though there would have been very few differences?

Thank you for replying Terry . The specs in these books are what they used at the factory to build the chassis . When chassis are fixed today the measurements needed are cross measurements / length and most importantly datum. I have being fixing frames for forty years .

Kevin, Here is what I came up with. Front shock tower to shock tower I get 29 1/4 center to center of the holes. Rear crossmember to the center of the upper A-arm hole 93 7/8. Rear crossmember diagonally across to the front A-arm bracket 98 inches. It is a little hard doing the diagonal with the engine and trans in place. I cant go across from A-arm to A-arm with the engine in. The other front frame measurements I get the same as what you are showing.

Thank you Jim , if their is anything i can help you with let me know. Jag Lovers what a great site. not sure what i would do without it.

Realise the significance of diagonal measurement etc but at the end of the day the original factory measurements are just as important now as when the car was built.
The other big thing to check is propellor twist in the chassis as quite often diagonal measurements OK but its twisted. also another problem is that the rear legs get bent up or down if its been dropped of large kerbs etc.
Did my first chassis XK150 back in 1977 and my most recent chassis adding a complete rear section of chassis onto xK120 front section,. The car had been cut in half rear of A pillars. We srtripped down a MKVII chassis for rails and lazer cut all the outriggers and parts need make complete chassis

Totally agree Terry all info is important when fixing vehicle chassis .
Looks like we ressevied enough info to finish this chassis .
As we work thru the repair we are entering the data in our electronic measuring equipment from spanesi Italy , I am thinking if I can get enough info on the 120 chassis types we wil have spanesi update thier data base so anyone were ever in the world they live could get the chassis checked to make sure it is square before starting a resotaion or maybe a 120 may have being hit or what ever the reason , they would be able to get a computer print out of the vehicle chassis .
Thank you for your help Terry .

Glad to be a help. Forgot to answer one of your first questions, no not in Canada. In Lafayette, Louisiana. The car came from Massachusetts though. Originally sold through Max Hoffman in New York.

Hi All Frame is almost finished reassembly , I have the front brake lines finished is their anyone that has photos of the rear brake line routing .
Thank you in advance Kevin 20201015_152535|666x500

You have a 1951 correct? Do you have a single or tandem master cylinder?