[xk] XK150 transmission tunnel cover - with overdrive

My XK150 FHC which I’ve had in storage for 23 years
originally came with BW automatic. A PO replaced this with
a GBN 4-speed box, apparently close ratio, with a
sedan-styled top cover and shifter on the transmission. The
automatic tunnel cover had been crudely modified, with an
opening for the forward-placed shifter.

I obtained and installed the correct style long (alligator
?) top cover, with longer shift forks and the 1 inch spacer
plate for it to clear the OD unit.

Now, when I attempt to install a 150 manual trans tunnel
cover, the forward edge of the opening for the separate
slanted shifter cover contacts and is held off by the small
screw-in top-cover vent directly in front of the 3
wire-secured plugs in front of the shifter pivot. If the
vent fixture is removed, the tunnel cover comes down to
contact the floorboards, clearing the transmission top cover
by about 1/8 inch.

Still, the entire shifter pivot mechanism is located so
close to the front of the opening in the tunnel top that the
secondary slanted shifter cover cannot be mounted, because
its leading slanted surface is too angled to clear the
shifter pivot and shift stick. And the screw-in vent
opening is unresolved.

I apologize for all the verbiage, but it is difficult to
describe the situation.

I have spoken with several who say there was only one tunnel
cover for a 4-speed 150, and the existence of of two
different style turrets for the tunnel top was for rare OD
150’s with an overdrive mechanical engagement lever placed
in front of the regular shift.

No one recalls any tunnel cover clearance issues with the
top cover vent.

It is almost as if the transmission is not extending far
enough beyond the bell housing by about 1.5 inches. But if
it did extend enough to be accommodated by the tunnel top
opening, then the forward inspection opening (which is
correctly placed) would not line up with the dipstick and 2

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Tom Peck US–
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