[xk] XK150 Window Regulator

Greetings, Folks…

Well, I knew things were going along too swimmingly on my XK150 FHC restoration; I find myself in need of the driver’s door (LHD) window actuator; I’m hoping someone might have one in useable condition that they could be convinced to part with. Even if you have one that calling it useable might be a stretch, I’d like to hear about it - if I can get my mitts on a good set of the parallel arms, I could combine them with my little pile of parts and be on my way!

Frank Gauer

Tustin, California USA

1958 XK150 FHC S834852
2005 S-Type 4.2L

Frank, Just sent one back to SNG Barratt USA in New Hampshire this morning. It was a new one and wasn’t the correct one for my XK150 OTS. Hope this helps.
Dave Winne
Liverpool, NY