XK120-150 man purchases X Estate!

(Terry McGrath) #1

I own a Lynx Eventer Shooting brake and have been interested in the X type wagon/estate.
Given they weren’t imported into Australia there are only 4-5 in the country anyway a car that I missed out on last year came back on the market so I am the proud owner of a 3 litre V6 wagon/estate.
Originally UK delivered it has some interesting extras such as heated screen, heated seats, possibly automatic wipers and maybe other items really need to learn more about them.
The car was sold new in Herts UK march 2005.
The original radio has been replaced and looking at trying to get an original and an original fitment GPS system and parking sensor on rear bumper.
Love to make contact with anyone who really knows there X Estates

(Grahame Loader) #2

Congratulations on your new X Type. I’ve had an 02 sedan for 9 months now and really enjoy it. To simplify inventory, the North American bound cars were all built to a high spec, so mine has heated seats and windshield, moon roof, power seats and mirrors, deluxe sound system and leather. It’s an AWD, 5 speed standard.

The X Type is a very good car with no major achillies’ heels. Be sure the air scoop to cool the transfer case is n place, as this is often left off after servicing. My mechanic makes a practice of leaving off the plastic engine cover on top, as it causes a build-up of heat that will cook the back bank of coils.

I bought a roof rack from Jag Parts for skiing. Tule makes the racks for Jaguar, but you can’t buy a rack to fit the mount points on the sedan’s roof from Tule, only Jaguar. Once you have the cross-bars, all the Tule attachments will fit. With the side rails already, you have the option of going to Tule or Jag.

You have a good looking car there; I’m sure you will enjoy it.

(Terry McGrath) #3

guess what love the car so much I brought a second one!

2.,5 litre petrol with factory sunroof drove from Melbourne back to Perth total 5000km drive

I have purchased 2 sets cross bars and one roof mount box and a set of bike mounts.

(Grahame Loader) #4

I like both the colours; their not black.