XK120 5-speed transmission install

I am going to get a 5-speed trans soon and was hoping to find someone who has one and can tell me about the “minor” modification required to the original rear trans mount to install it. Pictures would be great. Thanks,

There are many 5 speed transmissions available.
I got a transmission made by GUY BROAD in the UK.
No rear mount needed, ik that case.

In a 120 no mod needed? I though they all needed it Peter?

Not sure about a XK120, but at least not on a XK150, for this specific transmission.
Do you know the type/brand u are going to install.
Probably different, depending on model and type of transmission you are going to install.

I think @Mike_S has done that conversion.

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in the 120 the rear of the box gets in the way of the massive cross-chassis member. T5, Getrag and Supra boxes need a bit to be chopped of. Overdrives simply do not fit.

From the Guy Broad site:

  1. Five speed gearbox conversion.
    Getrag unit and necessary components
    to fit any XK bell housing. The basic kit
    includes spigot bush, speedo cable and
    gear lever assembly. The XK120 kit also
    includes a rear gearbox mounting and
    Part No. GETRAG1 - 120

Indeed a modification needed.