XK120 ammeter jiggle

Is it normal for the ammeter needle to constantly jiggle/vibrate a little bit? I can see a slightly larger blip everytime the fuel pump clicks. Could it signify the need for a generator overhaul? I have a new (expensive!) solid state voltage regulator fitted.
Also, I finally gave in and ditched the twin 6V batteries and have changed to the single PC925 12V battery that many on the forum have recommended. Everything seems fine so far.

What you are seeing is perfectly normal, and nothing to worry about at all.

Good to know, Dave - thanks!

Normal but…so if little wiggles constantly…very small–normal, little blips when fuel pump clicks etc–normal. But if the wiggles are bigger–whatever that means…then there may be an issue in generator, or regulator, or just in loose or grounding or shorting wiring somewhere.

Reassuring, Nick. It’s just a small continuous vibration over a range of 4 or 5 amps.