XK120 B post dust shield

I couldn’t find the original topic on this.
Attached are photos of XK120 DHC but all late XK’s had this dust shield at back top of B post.
2 bolts were welded to inside of b post and this allowed the shield to be bolted in place.
From the few I have seen there were also 2 4 gauge cheese head self tapper holding in place although the B post shown I can only find the top hole I think they were put in to stop it flapping

Terry, I’ve attached photos showing a similar removable dust shield that encloses the upper right B-post structure of my November 1953 XK120. However, my car also has a removable lower dust shield held in place by two self tapping screws. The lower dust shield helps enclose the lower structure of the B-post. I’ve always assumed both dust shields to be original, but who knows? Maybe the lower dust shield was added by a previous owner.

The second photo shows the lower dust shield on the right.

The third photo shows the lower dust shield removed.

the bottom bit has been made by later owner you can see by fold angle, size of screws, why make in 2 pieces etc fix by different method etc and overlap the wrong way!
also top bit never had rubber U section seal on it both good ideas as such.
but all there ever was was the piece of metal at top no seal

Terry, its rare to see photos of the B-post dust shields. Viart, page 395 indicates they were fitted to later XK120s. And it’s likely many of the dust shields that were fitted rusted away like the one in your photo.

For what its worth, here’s a photo of the dust shield from 679265. It appears to have the same rubber U section seal as shown on my dust shield.

OK thanks for pic with rubber in place.
Interesting 3 adhoc screws on inside edge not even in straight line
drilled later by bloke assembling car?

I doubt the rubber is original - I think it was plain piece of felt.