XK120 battery clamps

(David) #1

Can someone give me the basic dimensions for the battery clamps for the 6 volt batteries on a 1951 OTS please. See diagram:
width/depth/height (A/B/C)
width/depth of clamping bar (D/E)
Plus any other dimensions you may think useful.


(David) #2

Any measurements appreciated. . . .

(Mike Eck) #3

Mine has the following dimensions:

A. 8 3/8"
B. 6 58"
C. 0.94"
D. 10 1/8"
E. 1.15"

The ears on the “E” bar are 0.3", the metal is .09" thick, the holes on “D”
are 9 3/8" apart and the flanges on “B” are 1" wide.

Mike Eck
New Jersey, USA
'51 XK120 OTS, '62 3.8 MK2 MOD, '72 SIII E-Type 2+2

(Rob Reilly) #4

My '51 FHC is a little different as I do not have the A bar, but otherwise pretty much the same as Mike’s. The metal thickness on the B bar is .076" and the hole tab at the end of B is .168" but is made of two pieces welded as a sandwich, i.e. the bent angle at the end of the B bar and the small right angle piece at the end of the B bar are sandwiched to form a thick bolt hole.

If you don’t want to make these yourself, you might try Forrest Voges in Mass.

(David) #5

Many thanks for the measurements.