Xk120 body/chassis number location

Can anyone tell me where I can locate the body/chassis number on my 1954 xk120 FHC ?

I found the chassis number stamped on the top of the left hand chassis just to the rear of the front suspension mounting.
Haven’t seen a body number yet.


The body number should be on a tag in the engine bay, right up the back near the windscreen. Chassis number where Garry said.


on the left hand side of the car there should also be a brass plate in engine bay 6" x 4" with all the numbers on it?

The ID plate is on the right hand side of a LHD car.
The chassis number is stamped usually on the bracket for a LHD brake master cylinder, regardless if the car is set up as LHD or RHD. It is also stamped on the cross member in front of the radiator, but usually stamped poorly and very hard to read there.
It will be of the form 679xxx or 680xxx or 681xxx for LHD, or 669xxx for RHD. It may or may not have a letter S before the numerals.
The body number is on a metal tag pop riveted to the firewall (scuttle) on the left hand side above the voltage regulator. If it is missing, the number is sometimes written in crayon on the back of some interior pieces such as the instrument panel and parcel box and seat upholstery.
It will be of the form J1234.

peering down from the left fender…to the frame…below exhaust and near brake mast cyl and brake line…the chassis number will usually be quite faint, somtimes barely stamped…as in this one…on the frame. You may have to scrape away some crud or even paint. It will look something like this…, and as Rob said may be on the front cross frame at the base and in front of the radiator. You will find the engine number on a flat just above the oil filter. There will be a number on the cylinder head, inside the central valley at the inside front…and that number may match the engine number…or if a replacement cyl head will be different–it may end with a dash 8 (-8) which is the compression ratio…(8-1). If this is an XK new to you…and to us…we’d be very interested in its details, Description, on the road? and your general location, and the numbers you find. Cheers, Nick