XK120 crank oil sealing rear main

I am rebuilding an original XK120 engine and the crank has already been machined and balanced so we can’t now alter it. I notice it has a built in lip on the rear end of crank which is oil thrower
Now assembling the engine it’s not difficult to see why they leak, the early engine doesn’t even have the rope seal on the 2 piece bit that bolts to rear of block and there isn’t even the reverse screw thread on crank.
Is there any sort of aftermarket solution to reducing leaking short of machining crank to fit one of the aftermarket solution such as this one from barratts

My early 120 has the screw thread on the crank.

Terry are you using a later crank with the less distinct return scroll used with the rope seal,
or has the returm scroll been machined off. I allways go with a lip seal.
Peter B