XK120 DHC accelerator pedal lever ball

Hi All:

An obscure question: Should the tiny ball pivot that is attached to the end of the accelerator pedal lever and connects to the vertical throttle rod be fixed or loose? I’m stitching the car back together now the gearbox is back in and noticed that the ball on my accelerator is loose, thus spins around, but it looks as if the rivet flange that attaches it to the lever is worn allowing it to move back and forth a little as well as rotate.


It should be loose, as it rolls somewhat when you hit the pedal.
But I mean the wooden ball at the end of the lever, where it meets the pedal itself
The little pivot ball should be tight.

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As with so many things about these cars, there is “yes” and there is “no”.
The ball pin was originally staked in place, i.e. hammered down tight.
This one is still tight inside the hole in the arm.

They can of course work themselves loose over decades.
But I see no reason for them to turn in the hole.
The ball socket does all the swiveling.