XK120 DHC carpet issue

Just got and installed the wood floor for the boot. I bought the BAS complete interior set and just opened the box and pulled out the boot carpet and noticed right away it seemed way too big and the cutout for the fuel hose was way too close to the top of the carpet. I put the carpet in the boot and the carpet is too s

short to go up to the front of the boot and the carpet hangs out the back of the boot by about a foot and a half. I’ve sent a message to BAS but have’t heard back yet. Am I missing something or did they just screw it up? Other than that, the interior kit is very nice.

Simple its for a 120fhc mat is different

Yes, the filler neck for the DHC is located further to the rear of the car to accommodate the top when it is folded down. Looks like you have the boot carpet for an OTS/FHC.


Yeah, looking at all the pictures I kinda figured that was the issue. Just seems odd that BAS would throw in a FHC boot pad when all the other sealed bagged pieces are labeled DHC. Things happen.
Thanks for the responses.

Bill, although your carpet is blue, I have a piece in biscuit that is the opposite problem for our FHC because it is for a DHC. This piece would fit your car. You may have it if you wish.

That it very kind of you. I will contact ,or TRY, to contact BAS in the morning to tell them they sent the wrong piece and I want it exchanged. I had the car painted Pastel Blue and the rest of the interior is blue so I expect them to correct the issue as it is their problem. The Biscuit color is very nice and had I paint the car green, which I almost did, I would gladly pay you for that piece. Thank you very much for the offer. Did you do the interior yourself?

The interior is not in the car yet. I will try to install the remaining parts. Fortunately head liner, rear courtesy light panels, driver’s kick space, rear deck, and battery box have been done by alleged restorer.

I’m getting real close to the interior but am in the process of making a new parcel box, where the battery box used to be. For whatever reason the previous owner took out the entire box and put the battery up where it goes on a 140. So I’m trying to figure out the best way to do it. The engine is out and I just got the trans back from Vintage Jag up in Idaho. I want to start the engine before putting it back in so I’ve got some time. If it’s not too much trouble, would you be able to send me a couple of pictures of your rear parcel shelf/box? It would help me in designing/building one. I’m going to send you my email in a PM… Thanks again…

I will freely acknowledge that Rob Reilly can provide you more accurate data than I. Will see what I can do.

Edited to add look at the thread “ Lid on parcel box in XK 120 FHC.” Rob has several pictures posted there. They were a big help. (Sorry, I do not know how to post the link to the thread.)

Click on this link.