XK120 DHC color hunt

You are exactly right! It is pretty much impossible to have the color made from any picture so I have to go by what I remember. Really frustrating but I’ll get it sooner or later. I appreciate all the help. I should have bought that car when I had the chance. Another missed opportunity.

Well the good news is I found a car with the color I want. It is at a Beverly Hills Jag dealer so I made the 100 mile drive (only took 4 hours in our friggin traffic) and there it was. A match. The bad news is I cannot find anyone willing to go to the car to match the color. There are a LOT of paint/body shops all over that area within 5 miles but NO ONE will go try to match it and yes, I did tell them all that I would pay their hourly rate to do it. So once again I’m left with no where to turn so I am just going to pick a color I think I like and do it. Thanks for all the help.

Cliff says:

I got my Dupont paint from my local automobile paint store - Albert Kemperle in Framingham. See: https://www.kemperle.com