XK120 DHC Pastel Blue

Does anyone have or know anyone who has a '53, '54 XK120/140 painted Pastel Blue in the states? I would like to contact an owner to get some info on locating the paint code. I’m in California but anywhere in the states will do. Please let me know. Thanks.

Hi Bill…have a look at this thread…on the E type section a guy painting “powder blue” might be what your after…Steve 69 xke restoration

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You might look in britishcarclassified.com under Jaguar XK120. There is a lovely OTS there in what may be the “official” pastel blue.
My 120 was originally pastel blue, now red. I would prefer the original color but vowed some time ago that I was happier not dealing with body shops. However, yesterday I was replacing my ammeter, and the red had not invaded that underdash area, which was the original paint. Got me thinking, so if you come up with a workable mix, I would appreciate seeing it.
Back in the day, Pastel Blue 120 and 140s were fairly common. Porsche Meissen Blue was, as well, and the two were very similar I thought.