XK120 DHC Removal of seats

Does anyone have tips on removal of XK120 DHC seat rails? Is it just a matter of undoing the self threaded screws? Looks like four. I’m replacing the carpet

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Yes but you could find the quite tight rusty

Welcome to the fun, John.
Yes, four under each seat. They screw into a tapped bar on the underside. You may want to soak them in penetrating oil for a day or two before you try them.

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Thanks for that. I’ll give them a squirt of oil now.

Got the screws undone but they just rotate, so I assume are broken internally. Any tips anyone? I thought about drilling the heads off and re fastening with new screws slightly further back.

Sounds like something is non-original about your seat installation.
I imagine you have regular nuts on the bottom.
Originally there were 4 steel bars on the bottom with 4 threaded holes each, 2 for flat head screws to hold it to the floor and 2 for the seat runners.
If you find regular nuts under there, I would put some vise grips on them to hold them while you unscrew the screws from the top side, or vise grips on the heads while you undo the nuts.
If that doesn’t work, grind off the screw heads or the nuts with an air angle die grinder and a 2" or 3" cutting wheel.

Thanks for that Rob. I’ll give it a go and see what happens. Fitting new carpet next week.