Xk120 disc wheel width change

Did the wheel width change from 5" to 5 1/2" with the change from env to Salisbury or was there another reason for the increase in wheel width?


The chassis numbers for the change are in the parts catalogue page 32, and correspond to December '52 and Service Bulletin 116. This bulletin refers back to SB107 from May '52 which announced that the change would occur “in the near future” on both Mark VII and XK120. The reason is not given, but it is not related to rear axle type, as both were in use before those dates. SB 116 mentions that tires up to 7.60 section width can be used on Mark VII, so I am inclined to suspect the change was due to the higher speeds of which the Mark VII and XK120 were capable, compared to the Mark V for which the rim was designed. It may have taken Dunlop a couple of years to develop the rim rolling machinery and go through the testing of the new rim before they were ready to sell them to Jaguar.

Thanks for the interesting information. I have been looking for a 5" wheel for a while now for my 51 xk120 and I can only find 5 1/2" wheels available. Since it is for my spare tire I figured that the wider wheel would be ok, but I then wondered if the wider wheel had to do with the rear axle changeover. Thanks again for clarifying that.


Hi Cliff.
I have a spare one of these also if required but again it’s in Australia.
It’s usually the other way around and everything I require seems to be in the States.
Regards, Jordy

You can certainly use a wheel off a Mark V or early Mark VII, they are the same. Try Cordell Newby at Western Jaguar in East Wenatchee Washington state, he deals in Mark V parts; or Jaguar Heaven in Stockton Calif, I know they had a Mark V and a Mark VII they were parting out.

Thanks Rob and Graham for the leads and offer. I have found a wheel.