XK120 Disc Wheels - Wanted

I’m hoping that someone who has converted to wires has a set of original 16 inch steel disc wheels gathering dust.

Prefer to pick up in mid-Atlantic or Northeast but will consider shipping if total cost is reasonable.

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You can probably use Mk7-9 wheels as well. The early rims on wheels were 5 inch and most are 5.5 inch. My 140 with disc wheels and full spats is OK with 5.5K rims but this might come down to the tire choice…

I have a markvii parts car with a full set of wheels. I think. never looked closely but I assume they are correct. In Pittsburgh. Will be back next week and can check if you are interested.
Joe baird

MKVIIM steel wheels measure 5.5" between the inside beads, which is the same as XK140

earlier MK7 wheels are 5", which is the same as XK120

I am not sure whether 5.5" wheels will fit XK120

the relevant parts manual may give some guidance

Original XK120 wheels were C.3105, and were 5in rim width
These were superseded by C.6749 for all later XK120s and all XK140 and these were now 5-1/2in rim width, but still using the same 6.00" x 16" Dunlop Roadspeed tyres.

The optional wire wheels were back to 5in rim width.

So there is no problem with 5-1/2in rims from a Mark VII/VIIM/VIII/IX fitting , but as always, the main problem is not fitting oversize tyres re both compatibility with rim-width (there are legal standards) and also physical clearance issues, including with XK120s, whether the spare tyre/wheel will fit in the spare wheel compartment. Bear in mind a 6.00in wide tyre (as in the original 6.00 x 16in cross-ply (bias -ply) tyres) that 6.00in = 150mm. So a direct equivalent radial tyre is a 150R-16. Common practice, and legal tyre/rim compatibility allows a wider 175R-16, with that being extended legally (where a jurisdiction cares/manages tyre/rim legality) to accommodate a maximum 185R-16. But a 185R-16 will start to have physical clearance problems.

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