XK120 Dual Exhaust System

Hello All, I know this topic has been knocked around so much, but what is available to us keeps changing as vendors shift suppliers, etc. So, I’m inquiring about systems currently available. I wish to replace my single exhaust with a dual on my 120 roadster and would like to know what everyone’s experience has been regarding ease of fitment, and most of all, quality of sound. I have driven recently a 120 with the Bell’s 1-in-2-out system and IMO truthfully, it sounded only slightly richer than my single and not enough of an improvement for the trouble or expense.

So, available now seems to be 2 systems domestic to USA, the Bell true dual, ( offered by SNG Barratt, & English Parts), and the Double S, (offered by Moss). These cost around $700 or so.

There are, of course, the U.K. systems that get quite expensive: Quick Silver Exhaust, (1,160 GBP), Hayward & Scott, (875 GBP), and Double S UK, (2436 GBP). Yeah,… that last bit confuses me too but perhaps it is not the same as what we get supplied here ? Classic Fabricators is another that is in the same cost range. I’m not sure what Guy Broad offers since I have trouble accessing his info online.
Also, not sure if Bill Bassett is still offering his “hybrid” system with mild steel pipes with stainless muffler.

For reasons of cost + shipping, I am most interested in comparing the Bell with the Double S from Moss. My brother’s DHC came with what we (XK-Lovers) think is probably a Double S and it sounds amazing ! But the fit is not very tight up against the crossmember and he bottoms on road protrusions, (Everest sized speed bumps ??)

Thanks for you input, sound bites would be awesome, btw. Stay well, and Happy Motoring, Knight

I checked with SNG last fall, at which time they said they did not have a 2-in/2-out silencer system for the xk120.

At that time only XKS (Moss) had one advertised, and Bill Bassett also said he could provide a 2/2 silencer in mild steel for about the price of the whole SNG stainless system.

I made a temporary repair to my 30 year old true dual system (think it’s Bell), but that repair is unlikely to last more than a few years.

I’m looking forward to what else you find

Slightly “off-topic” (about a Ser I XJ-6 instead of an XK120)… but it IS about an exhaust system…
Back in the mid-to-late-'80’s, I bought a really nice Series I XJ-6… It had some miles on it, burned a little oil, but ran like and handled like it was on rails top at 100 per plus!! And it needed an exhaust system… so I trundled-over to the local Jag dealership to “price” a complete, AND “genuine Jaguar” 1974 XJ-6 Dual Exhaust System… I might mention I also got an “employee discount” because the guy who then owned the three Jaguar dealerships in Texas (Ft. Worth, Dallas and Houston) ALSO owned the VW Dealership where I worked… The “employee discounted” price was $1000… JUST for the parts!! NOT Installed… It took an hour for my nose to quit bleeding!!
As fate would have it, I was getting my Datsun 510 muffler replaced (under warranty-- loved them life-time warranties!!) at a Midas shop in my neighborhood and I queried about the price of the XJ-6 set-up… The store owner looked-up the system and proclaimed: $300, INSTALLED!! After much discussion as to “original looking”, “where” this exhaust system was made, etc. the Midas guy “believed” it was made in the UK but “guaranteed” it would look like the original set-up. He stated he’d order it and if it was NOT UK Made nor exactly alike, I was not obligated to buy it OR pay for it or shipping, etc.!!
A week or so later, the XK-6 Exhaust system was delivered to the Midas shop, the owner called me and we “had an unwrapping party” of the Jag’s exhaust system… ALL the pieces were wrapped in white tissue paper with little blue, oval stickers holding-down the edges of the tissue paper… ON those blue stickers were three words “Made In England”… Every part of the “Midas” XJ-6 exhaust system matched, exactly, the OEM system on my XJ-6!! I “daily drove” that XJ-6 for the better part of ten years and the “Midas XJ-6” exhaust system was STILL as good as new when I sold the Jag in 1990!!
Now, I WILL admit, that was back in the early '90’s AND the exhaust system WAS for an XK-6, NOT an XK120 (six “tail-pipes”, two mufflers and two resonators, proper hangers, PLUS the two chrome “S” “stingers” that came-out from under the bumper), but in MY opinion, it would be worth a phone call to Midas (no affiliation!!) and query what a “possibly made in the UK” exhaust system “might” cost today…
Just a thought…
Charles Ch #677556

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Last summer I brought my xk120 to a local muffler shop (well known for doing custom work). They looked, and quoted $400 + parts to weld in an aftermarket 2/2 oval SS muffler from one of the big name aftermarket companies. Total quote was $650. This seemed high to me, but I admit to being a cheap bastard.

John, and fellow cheap bastard,
Well, you see by my post what these systems are up to now ! A completely custom job for that price is pretty dang good considering that I will probably have to have whatever I buy “adjusted” ($$$), by a shop after my install ! Thats why I asked about ease of fitting because we’ve all heard the horror stories of these not fitting well and pipe bending needed. Thanks

That 650 was just for welding a muffler into the existing 30 year old bell system. No new down pipes (dented to clear the block skirt), no intermediate flex pipes, and no new rear straight pipes. Just cut out the old muffler, tack in the new muffler, drop and finish the welding, install. I figured 2 hours for an experienced custom exhaust mechanic.

I think $700-$1000 is a fair price for a complete new system from the porcelain manifold flanges to the rear tip.


P D Gough Co Ltd, in Nottinghamshire, UK make their systems from original parts which they use as patterns. Of course, you would have to factor in the cost of shipping etc. I bought a rear exit single tailpipe for my XK120 and it was fine.

Oh,… Thats different !

I have the Double S exhaust on my 53 xk120 fhc. It sounds good, but pretty loud in the car, I can see why they dropped the dual exhaust option on the coupe. The installation was a challenge. Both down pipes had to be “massaged” to fit and the pipes to the muffler also took some work to fit properly. I had to make a muffler bracket to mate up with the factory bracket. I have no ground clearance issues so far.


Cliff, Thank you ! Thats very helpful. This morning I did order a Double S, however from what I’ve read, no matter what the system, so “massaging” is necessary. I am curious, is you FHC a RHD or LHD car. One area of concern with dual exhaust on a LHD is clearing the master cylinder, and I have a tandem MC, which increases the challenge.
Also, did any of the “massaging” require taking it to a shop to adjust the bends, etc. ? Thanks very much, Knight

With the dual exhaust the down pipes should pass below the LHD master cylinder.
It’s with the single exhaust that the down pipes come very close to the LHD master cylinder and cause problems.
I agree the dual is much too loud in the FHC, like riding inside a tympani. I went back to single.

Yes, I also have a tandem master cylinder. One pipe was not low enough to clear the bracket. A friend of mine has a bender, so I had to make a couple of slight bends to provide clearance.

That reinforces my opinion that the people over in England making these never see a LHD car and don’t understand or are not aware of the problem.

I used the Ames SS system on my 140 12 years ago. I wonder if they are still in business. At the time they offered 3 systems, quiet, mid range and loud.

I’m pretty sure that Ames is out of business, long ago. There were rumors that Falcom bought them but I don’t know if thats true. Falcon is still around but I don’t think they make Jag XK exhaust. They do make Triumph and other cars, and are sold through Moss. Cheers, k