XK120 early, 1952: 1) New carpet edge too thick to chrome list slot…

Please advice, XK120 early, 1952: 1) New carpet edge too thick to the chrome list slot. 2) what is exact location for the chrome list? Photos please.

Do your best to force the edge binding into the slot in the chrome trim. If necessary remove some of the edge binding where the front and rear carpet sections overlap.Note that furflex goes on the sill outside the chrome trim.

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One more picture.

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Great, thank you very much for the very precise photos, just to the point, much appreciated. Is your car Roadster also?

I Need to order the furflex. On Urs Schmit’s book, XK120 the Cult Object he wrote that that would be Mocquette, but on the photo on that book it looks furflex.

I realised on your photo hook for the seat belt, which I’m thinking to add, lap belts or more safe three point ones.

Moquette furflex same thing
moquette is off the roll furflex is wrapped around rubber tube metal spine etc
but it is the same fabric

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Yes, the car is a 1952 OTS, which I owned for 60+ years. Sold, a bit over a year ago.

3-point seat belts would be best but the shoulder harness fastening and belt routing is not convenient.

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Very timely. I puzzled over this issue yesterday when fitting carpets but couldn’t find an answer on here. But the forum has come good. Thanks, Dick. Much appreciated.

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