XK120 Electric fuel pump cheap substitute

I’m going 12V negative ground and I don’t care what the fuel pump looks like if it saves me a few hundred $$ and it has a good reputation. Have to do all the plumbing anyway, and yes sticking with the SU’s.

Looking at Airtex E8016S Electric Fuel Pump. This pump operates in the 2.5 - 4.5 psi range at 30 gph

Any thoughts??


Had one as a backup in Tweety: worked fine.

If the psi on the pump is rated too high it can cause the su"s to flood and youll need a in line pressure regulator

Exactly what I’m trying to avoid. Pressure regulators can be more problematic than the electric fuel pump in cars that sit around a lot.

I assume the low pressure reading of the range is at idle with lower voltage. From my understanding 3.5 is about all you want with SU’s, but I do see these being used in similar applications with positive reviews.

I couldn’t find specifications for the original fuel pump in regards to pressures, only GPH. Surprised the original repair manual makes no mention of pressure testing. This also goes for the new SU non point and point replacements. They must have operating ranges for the same reasons as the Airtex.

I had one like that, it came with that metal screw-on filter. I found the filter required so much pressure to push fluid though it that 350 sbc in my 34 Ford starved for fuel at odd moments, like going up hill or hard acceleration. I installed a more expensive pump unit and a larger filter and it cleared up. The car was a new build, new tank and lines. I think it was Jegs’ or Speedway’s house brand.

I’d at least can that filter and install one that has more surface area.

See my other post to have a look at a seriously clogged filter.

S.U. Workshop Manual AUC.9600 on page D.5 lists “Maximum Output Lift (approx.)” for L, HP, and LCS fuel pumps as 24 in., 48 in., and 48 in. Presumably that is for lifting fuel which is about 75% the mass density of water.

L pump at 24 in. would equate to 0.65 psi. HP and LCS at 48 in, would equate to 1.3 psi.

Wow. I had no idea it could be so low. Do you have any figures for flow rates?

Same Chart on page D.5 shows maximum output in gal./hour (and I don’t know which gallon is in use for this specification). Since it also has litres per hour I suppose it would not be hard to figure out which gallon.

Anyway, L is listed maximum output of 8 gallons/hour (36 litres).
HP lists max at 10 gallons per hour (45 litres).
LCS lists max at 12.5 gallons per hour (56 litres).

Anecdotally, I’ve known float and flooding problems more likely as pressure gets over 2 psi. The shutoff needle can be fine when tested in the garage and then have unseating, flooding/rich issues when engine vibration is in play.

Well, I’m going with it. Read enough to feel confident that it will work fine in the stock location. Rock Auto $28. It will go well with my modern starter and alternator disguised as a generator. Mine is not a concours numbers matching car so the goal is to look like new, but not much concern about perfect original appearance on these ancillaries.

Still would like to see what the PSI rating is for the original pumps, this info has to exist somewhere. 25 gph is the capacity anyway.