Xk120 - engine cuts out momentarily

Driven for 40 years. All of a sudden this Spring as I was driving down the road the engine cut out so I stepped on the clutch to pull over - before I stopped I let the clutch out and the engine restarted. This has happened 3 times now? Because it is so intermittent I need help with troubleshooting this (electrical or fuel?). Fairly new fuel pump.

Could be a grounding issue. Remove and clean to ground wire to the fuel pump. Mine was rusted. Also remove and clean the battery grounding strap.

Pat H

Thanks Pat - will check that out as next step.

Ignition coil or condenser in distributor.
Fuel blockage in tank drain plug screen or there are also screens in the fuel pump and carb float bowl inlet banjos.

What this man said, and in this order.

OK thanks guys will check things out this weekend.

Converted ignition to electronic a few years ago.

I will report back on my findings once I discover the culprit!


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…in which case you may have a module failing. Sometimes they go intermittently. I always carry a spare, it only takes minutes to change one over. Try a spare if you have one.

What the other man said. :grin:
Quite a few people on these forums have reported failures in the Pertronix electronic ignition conversion.

They can fail, but that doesn’t stop me using them. The only time I’ve actually been let down on the road was in my Cooper S, having just gone out to fill up, it just died, and the spare was in the workshop. I managed to push it home - it was only just over a mile - good job it was the Mini.
The Cobra’s Autolite distributor has a Pertronix III fitted, which is excellent, and includes a built-in adjustable rev limiter. Due to the quality of repro parts I was having real problems with the dual point set up, getting points bounce at only 3500rpm - the dual-point Pertronix III replacement smoothed all that out.

Sounds like a problem I had with multiple Pertronix igniter units. My solid core plug wires were making too much RFI, which cause the Pertronix module to go into a failure mode. A quick power cycle would restart the Pertronix until the next cut out.

Do you by chance have non-suppression plug wires??


And on my distributor, replacing the Pertronix module requires removing the distrib from the block. Not hard but not fun to do by the side of the road. I’ve since converted over to Pertronix spiral core wires and am confident that I would be fine with an electronic ignition today.

Yes, my V8s with Pertronix are all fitted with Moroso spiral core wires. I seem to remember the Pertronix installation leaflet asks for them, but not sure I trust my memory that much.

Replaced the coil with a Petronix this morning and test drive went well. Need to log a few more miles before I declare victory!

OK have been out and about several times so I am now declaring victory and the problem was the coil.