XK120 engine oil Dipstick

Hello to all
Looking for

  • Engine oil dipstick (original part)
  • Gearbox dipstick cover


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I may have the 120 dipstick - I purchased thinking it was e-type but turns out it is too short to be e-type. If you know the length of the 120 dipstick you are looking for, you can compare to mine - just under 20" long overall.

See below:

The correct dipstick for the XK120 is p/n C7486 and is 13” long overall. Looks like this:

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Hi Nickolas,
Yes that’s it !
That’s exactly the original part I am looking for

That one’s mine, Pascal. Rechromed original. The part number above - C7486 - is from Viart’s book, but it may be wrong. Other sources say it’s C2348, though it appears to me the two are alike, so you might be able to expand your search to include the early XK140.


SNG says it’s n/a and the Moss offering isn’t quite right. However, Welsh lists a used one for $75. No pic, though, and they describe it as “long”, so you might want to verify it’s correct before buying.