XK120 engine rebuild

I am in the Pittsburgh area and looking for a reliable specialist to trust my 1954 XK120 engine and transmission to. I don’t mind shipping the engine but prefer to stay as regional as possible.
This is a matching number SE edition car. As far as I know it was not overheated and ran well when my Dad pulled the radiator out and put it in the trunk over 50 years ago, where I just took it out of.
I want it done right the first time with no regrets. That’s the person I’m looking for. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Welcome aboard, Richard.

Since you are willing to ship it I’d recommend you send it 700 miles to Coventry West in Lithonia, (Atlanta area) Georgia. They did mine 5 years ago and I am quite satisfied.


Thank you for the reference. I talked with them last week and they are not taking on any rebuilds at this time due to being backed up.

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is the engine already out…if not…when you find a good restoration shop…you might consider sending the whole car…get er ready to run…Nick

I had my 3.8 rebuilt by Abacus Racing in Virginia Beach. Chuck has rebuilt quite a few XK engines. Not knowing the condition he tore it down first to the point to determine if it was rebuildable and what parts needed to be replaced. He gave me a list and I shopped around for the best prices and had them shipped to him. So all I had to pay him for was the labor. Don’t know what their backlog is.

How do you know it needs a rebuild? Depending on how and where it was stored, it may just need the carbs and gas tank cleaned out and the fuel pump rebuilt. Maybe it will run just fine with a little cleaning and maintenance.
The transmissions in these cars are pretty tough, not much really that goes wrong other than with severe abuse.
How much work can you do yourself? Anything you can do you’re that much ahead.
To discuss the whole car, come on over to the XK forum.
But if you really need a good engine shop, there is Terry’s Jaguar in Benton IL.