XK120 FHC cables in door sill

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Can anyone tell me (or better yet, show me) exactly where the EXIT points are for the cables that are routed through the right door sill (rocker panel)? There is the battery cable and also the rear harness. Both enter the sill and the front. But I don’t know they come out. My replacement sills have no exit holes, and the originals were entirely rusted out and reworked in that area.


(Dick Cavicke) #2

Here’s a picture of the Battery cable exit[

[Uploading: image.png.


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Dick, Could you try uploading your photo again. It didn’t come through. Thanks!


(Wyn Laidig) #5

Rob, these photos are helpful. I see where the rear cable harness bends up in the first photo, going up through the body, and from there where it comes out in the boot area as shown in the third photo. And I see how the battery cable bends around by the rear splash panel and makes its way up into the battery box. But I still don’t see where these cables exit from the rocker panel. They enter the rocker panel through the two holes at the very front (my photo below), but where do they exit? Could you possibly trace your two cables shown in the first photo forward until the place of exit?


(peter balls) #6

Wyn the loom to the rear exits from a hole at the rear where the sill meets the inner wheel arch.
The loom then travels up the inner wheel arch through the rear bulkhead.
The loom is held in position by spot welded tangs sheathed with plastic tubing.
Not sure of the loom exit to the gearbox reverse light switch, I recall it being ajacent to the rear
of the gearbox.
Peter B.


(Wyn Laidig) #7

Thanks Peter. My FHC has different paneling, but I think the exit point for the rear loom is the same. At least I can see how it works, although it seems to be different than on Rob’s car. Where does your battery cable exit?



My two Gents on the matter.


(peter balls) #9

Wyn be mindfull that Robs` photo shows the bottom of the sill rusted away… The battery cable exits
the rear of the sill to the inboard side of the box section. Yes for the FHC the loom , as in Borisvds
photo, goes through the shown panel and continues up the inner wheel arch… For the reversing
swich loom look for a small hole through the top side of the chassis approx in line with the gearbox switch.
Peter B.


(Dick Cavicke) #10

Here’s another try.


(Wyn Laidig) #11

So if I am seeing this photo correctly, the battery cable actually exits through the rear splash panel. Is that correct?


(Wyn Laidig) #12

Thank you Peter. I think I have everything on the rear loom figured out. And what you are saying about the battery cable exiting out the rear of the sill makes sense if it goes out through the splash panel like in Dick’s photo, assuming I am seeing all that correctly.


(Christopher Potempa) #13

I know it may be original, but having a high current cable like this running through a part of the wheel well just seems… wrong. I picture a wheel running over something and it in turn rips out the cable with much sparking, smoke and comments from others about Lucas electrics. Mine, too, is set up this way but I always thought this was a mod by a previous owner. Does anyone here have theirs routed differently?


(Jag-ur) #14

Chris what you see in Dick’s image is correct.


(Dick Cavicke) #15


Yes. Of course, technically, what you’re seeing is actually the cable coming from the battery and going forward to the starter solenoid.

Attached is a picture of it exiting the battery compartment.


120 FHC Batteries #1


(Wyn Laidig) #16

I have to agree with Chris. The original design with battery cable coming straight out the rear is a real safety concern for me. I think I am going to bring my cable out at a right angle just in front of the splash panel. Rob’s photo shows his cable routed in similar manner. It may cost me a half point, but I think it is worth if for safety sake.


(Rob Reilly) #17

My sill is indeed partly rusted away in that area, but near as I can tell, the battery cable and boot harness are in their original positions, coming out the top of the sill on the inboard side corner at the rear, never been moved.

My reverse light wiring exits the sill above the body support bracket.

We should also remind ourselves of the old restoration/originality joke that no two XK120s are alike, that both routes shown in this thread could well be correct for different years.

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(Terry McGrath) #18

RHD XK120 roadster 660983 had a hole with grommet coming out the bottom of sill on RH side presumably to feed the wiring to the gearbox - never seen it before.

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A wiring difference between open top cars and fixed heads is the addition of the two rear interior lights. I have removed the complete loom from front to rear intact (with difficulty) but have noted that the supply to the interior lights is separately routed around the top of the door frame and not in the main loom which runs through the RHS sill. I am not sure therefore whether this is how the factory did it originally or whether an owner replaced the interior light supply at a later date. Does anyone with a FHC have the answer to this? 2019-04-06T23:00:00Zsupply%20to%20rear%20int%20light|375x500


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My 140 FHC has the same as you, it looks original.

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