XK120 FHC Furflex locations

With my interior kit from BAS there is about 12 feet of furlex (in addition to the pieces of moquette covered rubber tube that goes along the bottom of the door frame). As far I can tell the only place furflex goes on my car is the interior side of the A pillar. I think rubber molding goes along the top (cantrail) as well as on the interior side of the B pillar. So I am thinking I just got a lot of extra furflex. Or am I missing something? (Sept 1953 build date)

furflex/moquette on P rubber up pillar 2 ft 6 inches per side
furflex/moquette on P rubber across sill 2 x 3ft
I guess by furflex you mean moquette material on round tube on a roadster 2 bits up B plllar and 2 across sill