XK120 FHC Original Interior and Boot Wood Panels

When restoring my 1953 120 FHC, I held on to some of the wood panels which were replaced. They are in decent condition for use as patterns (or installation) if you don’t have any. I’m willing to part with them for a token cost and the price of shipping from Southern California.

Hi Dick,
I’d love to acquire your old interior panels as I have only fragments to work from for restoration of my Sept. '51 FHC.

Contact me at rcarne09@gmail.com to discuss details.

Rob Carne

great pics what thickness is the piece of ply with the perforated holes for speaker with red writing ie the body number 25?9 thanks
interestingly just doing boot lid trim panel on XK120 DHC 667247 and the original panel is bituminous cardboard not ply but have seen ply panels before so both obviously used

To spread the good info, howzaboot full-sized tracings?

Bet many would request it.

Hi Terry,
The rear panels are all 3/8" thick and 7-ply plywood. The (correct) body number, 2559, is repeated on one other piece. The Chassis Number is S680555.

If I can find some paper that’s large enough, I’ll give it a try.

Yes, full size tracings are great to have. I had made full size tracings of all the interior wood of my 120 FHC for several members here, but I forgot to keep one as a template for future use. I wish that I had, as several members have inquired about their availability since then…

Body shop masking paper is large enough.

And the boot lid, interior light and door panels are 1/8" plywood.
One interesting aspect of the 120 FHC is that the positions of the latch and window winding handles changed during the production run, and the change point is noted in the parts catalogue. As I recall it was to make the window easier to roll up.

thanks for the info terry