Xk120 FHC Seat slider and carpet location

The seat sliders screw to the tapping plates/runners which screw to the metal floor. Where does the carpet and padding go? In other words, do the tapping plates/runners go on top of the carpet and padding, or do the carpet and padding go on top of the tapping plates/runner?

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The tapping plates go under the steel floor panels.
The slider runners go over the carpet and padding.

Thank you Rob! I can’t believe I almost made that idiotic mistake!

On a FHC there are also 4 pieces of flat wood (probably 3/8" plywood) covered with vinyl, which go between the carpet and the seat runners. Those are listed in the parts book under the chassis section, if my memory serves me well. The purpose of these pieces of wood is to give space between the carpet and the seat runners to prevent the seat runners to damage the carpet when the seat is moved.