XK120 FHC side window Triplex logo

Hi all.
I have seen great information on the Triplex logo for the windscreens of the XK120 but cant find a drawing of the side window logo I can use.
Does anyone have this drawing they could email me? I will then add the ‘dots’ in the correct places appropriate for my cars build date.
Regards, Graham.

This is on all my side windows and rear window.

Thanks Rob.

That makes yours last quarter of '52.

I will try and make up a drawing from it.

Thanks again. Graham


When you get ready to apply the logos to new glass, keep in mind that Triplex logos were originally applied to the same location on the glass no matter whether the glass was to be used on the left side or right side of the car.

What this means is that logos on the left side of the car will be readable from the outside looking in as in Rob’s photo. However, logos on the right side of the car will be reversed thus readable from the inside of the car looking out.

Mike Balch

Hi Mike.


Thanks for that.