XK120 front muffler frame bracket

Hi, does anyone have a picture of the bracket that should be here…perhaps dimensions so that I can fabricate one?
Thanks Per1



There is a bracket welded to the chassis, consisting of two parts. One is attached to the top of the chassis rails and the other coming from the bottom. They meet in the middle with a horizontal section through which a bolt is placed to held the silencer bracket and a rubber pad.
See picture below.


See also the original Jaguar drawing of the chassis at this point.


There may be variations for the bracket, whether you have a single pipe or twin pipe exhaust, but that can all be solved.

Bob K.

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Thanks a lot Bob, very informative.

Hi Per
In the following thread you will find some very useful Informations too:

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…I had the same problem as you have :wink:

…from entry #39 on…

View from the bottom.

View from the top.

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Many thanks to you all , it is on its way

Then it is the rear muffler bracket and tailpipe…does anyone have the measures of the brackets parts number 479123 and 258185 , they too seem to be easily made form flat steel


This is C.3648

This is C.5062 and C.5838

If you have a Twin Pipe exhaust system, the rear suspension of the silencer is slightly different, but still using using Bracket C.3648 as shown by Rob R. See example below:

Bob K.

Thanks a lot for your contributions , here is the end result:cid:35830EB2-2B6D-4A42-860C-25B1A23E7245