XK120 grease gun placement RHD

G’day Terry,
Do you know anyone who has 2 Terry’s Clips who is willing to part with them? I’m definitely in need of some. Thanks!

Sorry to say this Terry. I am more concerned about whether I can find 2off Terry’s Spring Clips to mount the Grease Gun to on the LHS Fender inner! Know anyone who might have a couple to sell?

Actually, my car #660792, RHD, has 4 dimples for the holes in the Right Hand Side Fender inner. They have not been drilled through…
They are hard to see because the Air Cleaners obscure them.



I have already privately sent you a link to a source of NEW Terry clips, that look to be there current equivalent to the XK120 BD.3430 (Terry 1195/1) clip… The actual stamped in marking on the clip did change over the years, and the XK originals were Cadmium Plated.
If you want original period Terry 1195/1 Clips, then it may help to be aware they were also used to secure the GC3021 Grease Gun (similar diameter to the Plastigun) when fitted underneath the spare-wheel lid on XK140s and early XK150s (1955-1957), a more common and longer period application than your short period of XK120s fitted with a Plastigun…

I would prefer to use original Terry Spring Clips. I have located 2 but getting them Cad plated is a problem. Alternative electroplating does not seem to offer the same appearance. Might end up painting them!


Ring around - there are still places in USA that will still do Cadmium Plating, albeit its getting harder and harder due to Environmental Laws…
In Australia its now difficult to find a place in the more populous and regulated Eastern States to get Cad Plating done at all, let alone at a reasonable price, however there are still places in South Australia and Western Australia that still do it for ‘automotive’ related customers at a reasonable price. Seems demand from the mining industries is sufficient to justify the cost/compliance with the much stricter Environmental Laws (and cost of compliance). Still also the preferred protective plating in both Defense and Aviation sectors as well, being far superior to Zinc Plating usually offered as an alternative…

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On the MKVII, the grease guns were mounted using those clips, i think it was on the exterior of the tool container in each front door, I did have a few toolboxes that were in very poor condition, think I sold all those parts to a guy some time back, but I will have a look, they were mainly pre-53 so may be suitable, some had the black plastic gun

G’day Tony!
I’m waiting eagerly! Thanks!!

G’day Tony,
If you have a Black Grease Gun, I’d be interested as well as the Terry Spring Clips.
Have you found any more BEES Bolts? Anytime you do, I’ll take them off you. Thanks again mate!
With best regards,

Karl Robertson

Certainly age for age the ‘black grease gun’ - actually a Tecalemit GB2750/H ‘Plastigun’ , was made of a very early generation black plastic much like Bakelite. It should be noted that these GB2750 Grease Guns were readily available to all and sundry from 1945 to about 1952 with a choice of three different Connectors screwed on to the end of the delivery tube. All Jaguar applications used their Hydraulic Connector, thus the added /H suffix to the GB2750/H part number. The most prolific Connector as used by most other users, MG etc, but also trucks and indeed lathes etc, was the relatively small diameter Tecazerk connector - thus a GB2750/T part number…

See attached picture of a GB2750/H as correct for XK120, and indeed same age Mark VII - complete with correct Hydraulic Connector…

Earlier XK120s, and indeed Mark V and Mark IV have the same GB2750/H but there are differences in the knurling pattern on the basically same Hydraulic Connector - for those who want 100% accuracy…

Hello again!
I have found someone who ca do Cadmium Plating so I can get my Terry Spring Clips done! Will report back about the success I have.

Well done - where there is a will, there is a way. To many people opt out for the quick/simple solution…
Note, in my photo of the GB2750/H Grease Gun - fully restored to ‘as new’, the screw on Connector was disassembled, cleaned, and all the external surface parts were re Cadmium Plated, as per original. The steel delivery tube - noting the earlier Plastiguns had an aluminium tube - was simply semi-polished bare steel, with the actual Plastigun Body a real challenge. This early generation phenolic resin plastic, has a hard skin and a more fibrous internal structure, so if you start with a body that is dull only, or very light scratches, knocks, you can successfully polish out these minor defects to bring it back to ‘as-new’. But any deeper scratches/damage you cannot fully remove, as once you breach the outer skin, you cannot recover the bright/polished original finish. Big risk at swap meets, as these Plastiguns are invariably found dirty and covered in grease loose in boxes, so you need to have a good look to see if all scratches/damage are repairable/recoverable or not… AT a guess, I reject 9 out of 10 found, trouble is vendors expect same/similar price regardless of condition, and more importantly regardless of having a correct (for Jaguar) Hydraulic Connector or the far more common Tecazerk Connector - maybe 1 out of 50 found will have correct Hydraulic Connector. Fortunately correct Hydraulic Connectors can be found on other models of Tecalemit Grease Guns, and can be easily re-used on a Plastigun that originally had a Teceazerk connector…

G’day Roger,
Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I managed to find a couple of Terry Spring Clips - 1195 1 3/4”. Then a found a Cadmium Plater who has done a great job, in the process of which all the Stamped Letters and Numbers re-appeared! I have mounted the Grease Gun to the LHS Inner Fender, fitted the Grease Gun and double lockwired it in place. I will change the Grease Gun Head when I find one. Till then it’s finished for now!! Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far.

Sorry Roger,
In my neck of the woods ( USA ), the “correct “ Jaguar Connector seems like finding hen’s teeth!

Possibly McMaster-Carr has the correct end fitting or close enough.

part 1879K23 and 1091K5 have 1/8 NPTF tapered thread.
part 1091K2 has 1/8 NPSF straight thread.
click on the part numbers and it offers a detail drawing link

We are a bit luckier/fortunate in Australia, albeit with our own bugger factor…
Tecalemit (UK) set up an Australian operation during WW2, and augmented imported product with increasing local manufacture. These Plastiguns were always imported from UK but the Hydraulic and Tecazerk connectors were made here, and although very very similar in appearance, you can easily differentiate the Australian made Hydraulic connectot from the UK made one. If we find an original Plastigun with Hydraulic Connector attached its 99% probable that is ex a Jaguar Tool Kit, as other users of the PLastigun invariably had Tecazerk Connectors (MGs, buses, trucks, tractors, even lathes). So 99% (at a guess) of PLastiguns found here are with a Tecazerk connector.
But there were several different models of Tecalemit Grease Guns that offered a choice of Connector (they easily screw on/off and with same thread easily interchange), so at swap meets I look for other model Tecalemit UK Grease Guns, (usually the larger ones) that have a UK made Hydraulic Connector, indeed often buy the Grease Gun complete, remove the Hydraulic Connector, and leave the main Grease Gun with the vendor to resell connectorless… The Hydraulic Connector is worth more to me, than the usual asking price for complete Grease Guns that have no appeal to the car tool kit buyers… But when I see an Tecalemit (Australia) Grease Gun, I also grab the Australian made Hydraulic Connector as a close, but not correct alternative for budget shoppers.

If it helps - contact me direct - but I am pretty sure I have a spare fully restored PLastigun with correct UK Hydraulic Connector fitted - indeed the Connector has been fully stripped/cleaned and outer body re Cadmium Plated… Not worth the considerable effort, if not 100% correct and in restorable condition…