XK120 grommet misery

I’m pulling what little is left of my hair trying to figure out which grommet goes where in my ‘54 OTS body. I’m only partially there using tadek’s excellent effort but still struggling. Some grommets fit tightly, others a little loose, some with identical diameters have larger holes, some small. Enough to drive an old man to drink … not that I need an excuse.

I didn’t dismantle this car - done by a PO who stripped the body before having it tanked, so have absolutely no “before” pictures to go back to reference. Has anyone photodocumented all the grommet locations?

Nick, share photos of locations you need please.


Hey there Tadek. Essentially all of them. I’ve got the finished body still on the rotisserie and figure it’s a good time to get the wiring done and the various peripherals mounted while access is easy.

I think I can dig into the archives for pics but any you might have already would be a great help. I bought this “complete” grommet kit 25 years ago from either Moss or Bassett’s but I don’t think I have all required.


Send few shots of your engine bay RH & LH, firewall, behind dashboard area, RH sill exit (front/rear wheel arch) and boot.

Did you buy a grommet kit or did you get the grommets individually?


Actually, I’m seeking pics of those same areas so I can see what the grommets are supposed to look like, then I can match what I have.

I bought a kit, a long time ago. They’ve got embossed part numbers but none of them jibe with what you’ve listed in your thread cited above.

probably the same for FHC & DHC

GROMMET D PN# C.974, Lucas:858062, AS:C551, GR1 – OD: 1/2” ID:1/4”

  • 2 in frame for reverse light switch, OD=18mm
  • 1 in RH sill for reverse light switch, OD=18mm
  • 1 in boot Iid for reverse and license light harness, OD=16mm
  • 1 in boot Iid hinge panel for reverse and license light harness, OD=??mm
  • 2 in frame bracket for fuel pump mounting. OD=??mm
  • 2 for windshield washer water tube through the cowl, near the demister mounts. OD=12.5mm
  • 1 in boot forward right hand corner for fuel tank branch of the body harness. OD=18mm

GROMMET D PN# C.975, Lucas: 858063 , AS:C552, GR2 - OD: 3/4” ID:1/2”

1 in Side Frame under Scuttle structure for radio unit antenna (OPTIONAL)

GROMMET D PN# C.976, Lucas: 858064, AS:C553, GR3 - OD: 1” ID:3/4”

3 for windshield wiper rack cable thru inner cowl bracing. OD=25mm

GROMMET D PN# C.977, Lucas: 858065, AS:C554?, GR4 - OD: 1 1/4” ID:1”

  • 2 for forward fender valance on LH side of car for head light bucket and turn/side light wire connection OD=28mm

GROMMET D PN# C.1426, Lucas: 858066, AS:C555, GR6 – OD: 1 1/2” ID:1 1/4”

  • 2 in LHS frame holes for brake line OD=37mm
  • 2 in RHS frame holes for fuel line OD=37mm
  • 3 inside cowl bracing for cowl harness, OD=37mm
  • 2 for rear bumper studs through body OD=43mm

GROMMET D PN# C.3766/1

  • 1 for steering column grommet OD=64mm (OTS only)

GROMMET FD PN# C.2784?, Lucas:199001, AS:C525, GR18 – OD: 3/8” ID:1/4”

  • 1 for heater fan feed wire in cowl bracing OD=8mm
  • 1 number plate illumination and reverse lamp grommet OD=10mm

GROMMET FD PN# BD.3210, Lucas:199002, AS:C527, GR21 – OD=1/2” ID:5/16”

  • 1 on top of license plate panel for wiring. OD=11.5mm
  • 1 in fuel filler compartment for vent tube. OD=12.7mm

GROMMET FD GR13, Lucas: 735998?

1 in firewall for windshield wiper rack cable. OD=15mm, ID=8.6mm


1 oval grommet for windshield wiper rack housing in cowl bracing. OD: 47mm

GROMMET SB PN# C.2706, Lucas:859059, AS:C502, GR7 – OD: 3/4” ID:1/8”

  • 3 in sill for body harness and battery cable, OD=18mm
  • 1 in firewall for speedo cable, OD=18mm
  • 1 for windshield washer water tube through the firewall, behind the wiper motor. OD=16.5mm
  • 1 for Fuel pump wire outside of frame, below firewall. OD=18mm
  • 2 for fog lights near the front wing air intake (OPTIONAL)

GROMMET SB PN# C.2707, Lucas: 859060, AS:C503, GR8 - OD: 1 1/4” ID:1/8”

  • 2 for forward fender valance on RH side of car for turn light wire connection & bonnet pull cable OD=28mm
  • 1 beside starter solenoid for wiring harness, OD=28mm
  • 1 in firewall for tach cable. OD=27mm
  • 1 in firewall behind wiper motor for cowl harness, OD=27mm
  • 1 for windshield washer vacuum tube through the firewall. OD=27mm

GROMMET SB PN# C.2708, Lucas: 859061, AS:C509, GR9 - OD: 1 3/8” ID:1/2”

  • 1 in firewall under voltage regulator, OD=34mm
  • 1 for negative battery cable in battery box area OD=26mm.

GROMMET SB PN# C.2850, Lucas:859341, AS:C501, GR10 - OD: 1/2” ID:1/8”

  • 2 in tops of fenders for side lamps. OD=12mm
  • 1 in firewall for bonnet release cable. OD=10mm

GROMMET S PN# C.4550, Lucas:690995, R134

2 for Horn Wire through the horn cover

PLUG S Lucas: part of headlamp harness 860895, R27

2 Headlight Bucket Harness

PLUG S PN# 513, R28 - OD=1”

2 Firewall Hole Plug for Oil and Temperature Lines, OD=24mm


  • 1 plug under the washer bottle. OD=7.25mm.
  • 1 plug for the reverse light assembly. Lucas PN: 572685 OD=???mm.


Complied by Tadeusz Malkiewicz, December 2014

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Nick, I have resent the grommet list, the format is a bit better on our new forum and it may be a newer version. I have also attached sample photos.

As you can see, I am showing:

  • hole diameter I measured on my car (for some places it was too late to measure as I already fitted the grommet)
  • grommet inner and outer diameter

You have all the information you need, you just need the correct grommets.

I do not know any supplier that provides a complete grommet kit - Where did you get the kit from?
I have never seen grommets with PN embossed on them.


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Unbelievably excellent work, Tadek!


Fabulous, Tadek. Thank you!

I bought the kit from either Bassett’s or Moss, but that was c. 1995 or so. It wasn’t complete, iirc, and I had to purchase some separately, like the steering column grommet, for example.

I’ll be back to this thread someday soon.

Thank you all.

I see you’re taking lots of pics as you go along, Mitch. This would be a good thread in which to post some.

Here are a couple that Tadek posted in the wiring clip thread that also depict original grommets:

and a couple more from the wire loom routing thread.

Agree a complete minefield even to the experts.
After cross checking parts list with the usual suppliers and much discussion with them
I can attach photos of the grommet kit and seal kit recently supplied by Guy Broad who did their best to be as helpful as possible. An itemised list is available from them (quoting chassis number of course) and this would be more politically correct than me publishing my invoices here.
I won’t know what is missing until it’s all completely put back together which will be a long time yet.

There may be some overlap between the two sets and this needs careful pre order checking.

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