XK120 handbrake gaiter

I’m about to trim my handbrake gaiter, the last job left, having replaced the floors & carpets. I wonder if anyone might have a picture/pictures showing exactly how the trim goes on to the mounting plate and how the gaiter leather should attach to it?

The attached picture doesn’t show the whole area but contains the basic answer that the leather is held to the mounting plate with split rivets and then screwed to the floorboard.


Thanks, Dick. Your pic shows the metal retaining plate untrimmed. I think I will trim mine in Vynide, as it will be seen to a certain extent in my car. The carpet doesn’t quite cover that area totally, for some reason.

the hold down clamp was never trimmed it remained black photo of green trimmed car is correct



I made good copies of this bracket - email me offlist if you are interested. I also have as original fasteners for them.


Thanks guys - this is all helpful. Rob, I see from your pictures (couldn’t open them all to full size) that this chap did trim the bracket. I haven’t quite decided yet. Thanks, Tadek, I do have the original bracket.