XK120 Headlight bulb replacement

Quick questions please as I never changed a headlight bulb on XK120 before, what’s the best way to open up the headlight to change bulb? I have a set coming from Moss, despite only one is out, figured to change both for same brightness im assuming.


Unscrew the retaining screw at the base of the headlight rim and lift off the rim. Remove the light unit by slackening (no need to remove them completely) the four screws which secure the flange of the light unit to the front wing and turn the unit in an anti-clockwise direction to detach it. The adaptor carrying the headlight wires can then be rotated in an anti-clockwise direction to remove. The bulb can then be removed.


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Great! thanks so much for the detailed instructions Chris!

Hi Simon,
You may not be aware that for the XK120 there were a bunch of different headlights depending on what country the car went to originally.
The screws Chris referred to are these.
Bottom first

The outer ring is sometimes tricky to get off and on.

The flange screws are here with red heads, hard to see.

I find it easier to take off the two side aiming screws. You don’t have to touch the top aiming screw, just pull the chrome ring out away from it.
Then when you are done you can aim it again after dark.

Rob, thank you so much for the detailed explanation and pictures. I appreciate all the help I’m getting in this forum to get me familiar with a car I never thought I’d own one day. Thanks again Rob!

many thanks as always Chris!

was able to get to the bulb, but it doesnt turn to take it off socket/holder, I can only push and feel a spring but not sure how to remove bulb. Thanks in advance!

We’ll need a picture of your headlight to figure out which type you have.

Some have a plug or a spring clip in the back, so you would have to pull the whole light out of the fender pod to change the bulb.

Got it figured out, it is the spring type. Bulb replaced and good to go. Thanks so much everyone!!

new issue lol after replacing both headlights bulbs, the driver side that was out (high and low beam) is only coming on as high beam. Not sure if its a connection issue or something else.

Remove the bulb and check if its a broken filament. Or flip it to the other side and see if it is still out, this will tell you that its a broken filament.

Thank you, will try that :slight_smile:

If anyone is wondering which terminal of these three headlamp bulb pins are which, here is the answer.

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Thank you so much for the pic and info