XK120 Hood & Trimming (UK)


got to the point when I can contemplate getting the hood and side screens done for the '51 XK120 (660702) as this years ‘off season’ assignment

My studies tell me that it should be the elusive French Grey and have a chrome plated hood frame. Good news is I have a frame and its been re-plated, plus I have an old hood and side screens which could be used for templates - though I see almost off the shelf items are available.

Am looking for suggestions for (UK) trimmer as either supply or supply and fit. Ive contacted one but they can can only help with black or green (Aldridge - nice helpful guy and quick reply, shame about the colour). Google can give me names but only the “collective” can help me with wisdom.
Am not adamant on “French Grey” but something close at least.

picture for reference…yes I know there is a hard top there but will save that for another years saving


I would have no hesitation reccomending BAS in the UK South Wales…i have know them for many years through the UK Etype forum with many members haveing both used there supply only service and the fitting service…i recently had a carpet set made for my 150 and some other trim parts…and they managed to supply a shade of Red to match my existing csrpet and vynil trim that other trimmers couldnt…Steve Jaguar Interiors | BAS International


Not about the trimming, but the hardtop. That’s a rare British made Universal Laminations hardtop. There aren’t many left, so save it indeed.

Bob K.

Thanks Bob

It appears to have its own set of side screens too as have a different line to the ones for the soft top. My reckoning is that Ill get more use from the soft top but certainly will keep the hardtop :slight_smile:

Thanks Steve,
the carpet set came from them but didn’t realize they did a fitting service too - I expect there to be multiple “opportunities” fitting one up.

Yes they fit as well…there was a really nice 150 there being retrimmed when i visited a few weeks ago to collect my trim…Steve

Mike Thomas & Dave Strange, near Petersfield, Hants. come highly recommended. I saw their work on a 120 at Hampton Court and was impressed.