XK120 ignition switch and light switch don't fit

Bought a LOT of parts from a usual supplier (rhymes with gloss). Now that I’m to the point to installing the dash, the ignition switch does not fit in the hole and the escutcheon for the light switch is not the same os the original and doesn’t fit. The original has a small “peg” on the back that fits into a hole in the dash to keep it in place. Also, the original has a collar that fits in the center hole, the new one does not have a collar nor the peg in the back. See the pics, hard to explain. Anyone, would anyone have info on the proper part # for these parts and a reliable supplier? Several of the parts I have received have been wrong and since I have to pay to return them, I’m pretty much done with this supplier. Thanks.

Those escutcheons are readily available. What they sent isn’t even close. Originals should be available for little more than the cost of shipping. Moss is nothing like XKs was. I am still waiting for my door wood from a year ago. They sent an incomplete 120 set for my 140 crash rolls. Incomplete and totally useless. The motorcycle ignition switch they sent you would need to be lathe turned to remove those fins.

New to this posting thing so didn’t realize we couldn’t talk about displeasure with suppliers so I deleted my response. Didn’t imply the company was a bad one, just not happy with some issues. Happens to ALL companies.

I too bought a replacement ignition switch for my XK and had to grind the pot metal fins off for it to fit. I find it strange these suppliers have no idea what they are selling needs to be modified to fit the car they are selling it for. Their standard answer is " I never heard that before" is getting old.

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The business that rhymes with Gloss certainly are not the best company to deal with.
the escutcheon they have sent is like no escutcheon fitted to any Jaguar built so not a matter they have sent part for wrong car. The ignition switch is the same as a MKII and completely incorrect for any 1940 or 1950’s Jaguar.
It is not only the US side of the business that are a problem I purchased a TR4 front roll bar kit radiator/sump shield for a TR4 from their London branch sent out to Australia and it didn’t fit they noted to return it and they would check I actually took over to the UK as luggage on my next trip but guess what wouldn’t take it back so we carried it back to Australia. They claimed to have had the "factory drawings for the part but won’t sent us a copy.
My suggestion avoid buying anything from any of their branches.

back to your escutcheon you will be able to get a real one anywhere powder coat it black Letraset the letters on and the switch not that hard to get and I could probably help with both.
terry tmcgrath@bigpond.com

Thanks for the response. I agree that their excuses for the shoddy parts is getting tiresome and very old. I will say this for “GLOSS” though, It seems they have changed their shipping because I ordered new exhaust manifolds on the 27th and received them the next day. Tha being said, I wish there was another good reliable supplier but they’ve sure got a good piece of the pie.

How does the switch look? As you know, the original didn’t have the screw on nut that shows on the front. I don’t think it would look bad but I assume you took the chrome bezel out?

Looks like SNG sells the same incorrect repro.

Coventry Auto Components might have the right one.
An Early Jaguar XK120, Headlight Switch Escutcheon to suit the Lucas Pillar Design Headlight Switches. Design incorporates the original seperate eyelet in centre.

MOTIF READS : OFF - S - H . (off-sidelights-headlights)

The position of these letters matches the different locking position rotation of the early pillar switch. Glue to dash facia to secure in place. Original Ref. number is C2762.

Only suits early Lucas S37 pillar design headlight switch SEE : 5053.

NOTE : Early pillar switches rotate to lock into different angular positions to the later switches, so ensure you fit the correct escutcheon to suit your switch.

(there are 3 variants offered, and in each case the website author spelled the word separate wrong)

PM me your mailing address.

Done, not sure if I did the PM right…

I just tried to order an escutcheon from Coventry and they are out of stock.
Anybody have a used one?

I’ve tried all the usual suppliers and can’t find one. Too bad Coventry is calling it quits, any idea why?

Rob, will either one of these work for you?

Bob, Coventry just said out of stock, it may just be supply chain problems, so they may get some in a few months.

Lewis, yes I can use the one with the center bezel.
I’m sending you a private message.

I still have some of the old bezels, as Terry noted they need resto as the paint wears off, they are 2 parts and the outer disc is alloy

I also have a few MK7 Ignition switches (and a big bunch of keys)

I believe the MK7 item is the same as an XK, but not fully sure, if they are, I will try to match keys with them

120 ignition switch is different to MK7. I’m in the middle of restoring a couple of the light switch escutcheons right now. Will post pictures.

XK120 ignition switch on left, MK7 on right.

Light escutcheons cleaned and painted ready for water slip transfers( blue sheet) then gloss sealer. Will update when finished.

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There’s a box coming your way. The ign sw. has been cut down in a lathe. Two escutceons to look at and an inside trim ring. Send back what you don’t use and I will turn down the ign switch you have. UPS Shipping appears to have a minimum of $14.50 for small boxes. People usually round up the numbers however much they appreciate the effort. I was a little concerned that the shipping address is not the name and address you use.


Ordered Escutcheon C.8165 for the later XK 120 Light Switch via Coventry Auto Components, and what I received was the same basic part as delivered by Moss, however with the correct lettering for the later Switch.

CAC correctly mentions that the Design incorporates the original separate eyelet in centre and that the “peg” is missing and the Escutcheon has to be glued to the dashboard.

But more importantly, the basic design is incorrect as the “integrated bezel” has a diameter of 18 mm, whereas the original hole in the wooden instrument panel is only 5/8" or 16 mm. Impossible to push it through that hole.

Awaiting reply from Coventry.

We have to conclude that there are only a few “aftermarket” manufacturers, supplying to multiple Jaguar parts dealers and these manufacturers don’t understand what they are doing…

Bob K.