XK120 in the woods

Interesting clip:


Its in Germany. The owner used to race the XK in the picture. I think his name is Michael Frölich from Fantastische Fahrzeuge. I almost bought a rather nice XK120 Coupé original RHD from him. Its not a discovey, rather an open air museum.


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So a load of rusty old cars strewn about is art?

When I bought my 10 acres in rural Indiana, I found that the back 5 acres was covered in broken car parts strewn about, and way in the back overgrown with weeds was a smashed up '96 Mercury Cougar. I didn’t know I was buying an art gallery. :rofl:

By that definition a great part of rural Indiana is art.

Despite the name, a '96 Cougar is not cool. Took a Ram truck pulling and my John Deere pushing to get it out of there.
I learned from the neighbor that the previous owner and his employees used to play demolition derby back there.

That’s what the owner says, who am I to tell him how to call his garden ?

It was created to celebrate his birthday, with cars from the year he was born. What is art? Going by what is considered art I have no idea, it would seem that one mans garbage is another mans art, and vice versa.

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field cars create homes for homeless rodents.