XK120 JH gearbox

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I’m hoping someone out there might be able to help me with a 1st Gear (on counter) for a JH gearbox. This is the hollow shaft with splines on that the separate layshaft gears mount onto, with the small integral 1st gear at one end, part number C2041. There needs to be no pitting or signs of brinelling from the needle rollers inside the bore of the shaft at each end. Tall order, I know. But, you never know unless you ask! I’m in the London, UK area, but am happy to deal with anywhere in the world. Chris, 0208 8916663, or chrisgrifo68@gmail.com

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@angelw may be of help.

@1954Etype is a great mechanic in the UK.

Thanks, Paul. I have the gearbox with Holman Engineering who have stripped the gearbox and told me about the condition of the 1st gear shaft. Geoff has rebuilt literally scores (if not more) of these boxes and knows them inside out. He has attempted various remedies for this problem in the past, but none have been successful and sadly, replacement is the only option. He says if it’s rebuilt with the same shaft the pitting will chew up the needle rollers in no time. So, I’m on the lookout. I will try all the usual channels first, but I’m not going to buy replacement gearboxes and possibly find the same problem on strip down!

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