XK120 original style coil

Does anyone know where I can get an original style XK120 coil (black with mounting flange)? I got one from Bill Tracy a year ago but he doesn’t have any more, and the one I got from him tends to stop working when the car gets hot. When I cool off the coil with water it works again. I need to replace it with something that looks original (and also works)!

they were only intended for carshows and display work!:smile::smile:

My original Lucas B12L does the same thing, when hot it makes a dribbly little spark that isn’t enough to start the engine.
Maybe you could find one on ebay, but it might be just as bad.
I got a generic coil from Rock Auto that’s painted black and reliable.

Try Holden Electrical in UK.

They supply some 20 different types of coil, you may have to wait a few days if they are out of stock.
From experience I would guess you need one with a more than 3 / 3.5 ohms primary resistance, otherwise it will get very hot.

Holden has a Q12 coil that looks somewhat similar with 3.6 ohm primary. No flange but I could probably fit one on.