XK120 OTS Body Jig Available

I’m making progress with the restoration of a rust-free 1952 XK120 OTS. I’ve recently mounted the body back on the frame and no longer have a need for the roll-around body jig that we custom built. As I don’t plan to do another XK, I’d be happy to make the jig available to someone rather than just cutting it up for scrap. It is located in central Virginia and probably wouldn’t be worth shipping.

The jig was built with casters as the body was in good shape and didn’t need to be put on a rotisserie. However the jig could probably be converted to a rotisserie with minimal effort. The jig fully supports the body and bolts to it in the following locations: 1) in front of the radiator, 2) the firewall, 3) the main sill mounting points with adaptors, 4) the flange behind the seats, 5) the main mounting points over the rear axle and 6) the flanges along both side of the boot interior.

another view:

Bruce, Nice jig. Too bad it isn’t closer to me in Utah.

About how much does it weigh, and when do you need it gone? If you can wait a month, I would be interested, but I just this week had surgery to reattach a ruptured bicep tendon. I’m a week and a half from being allowed too drive, and a couple of weeks after that before I’ll be cleared to lift anything “heavier than a coffee cup”.

The jig is made from thick wall 2" square tube and is about 12’ long and 4’ wide. It probably weighs 200 Lbs. I also have cockpit braces to support the body when it is lifted from the chassis.

A month storage really isn’t an issue. I’ve moved it outside so it may develop a little surface rust in that time.

If you’re still interested PM me.