XK120 OTS seat runners location from the battery box wall?

Please advice, what is the measure for XK120 OTS seat runners location from the battery box wall?

Just fitting new to me original seat with runners to new to me floor boards.

Best regards Hannu

mine are 2 1/4…if the pic is yours, with the OTS the back of the OTS seat upright is inset to allow for the soft top. Nick

Thanks for your kind info. Do you mean, that seat runner rear end is 2” 1/4 from the battery box wall ?
Yes my car, with the seats loose without runners fitted, yet.

Best regards Hannu

Yes. At floor level. Bodywork metal to seat cross metal. Possibly an eighth inch more as I have thin carpet there. If one was to err. I suggest a hair more so to be sure top folded in fits. Can use the shorter pedal rods. Which are nice anyway.

This measure needed, anyone?
To be able to fit the seats to correct location.

Thanks in advance,

Best rgds Hannu

That distance in my November 1953 OTS is 2.75 inches. As Nick indicates, there is very little room behind the seats in an XK120 to stow the convertible top. I’ve seen photos of many XK120s where it’s obvious the stowed convertible top is interfering with the seat backs by pushing them forward. This is likely caused by improperly locating and folding the convertible top components. But even when the top is properly stowed, there’s really no extra space when the seats are all the way back. In my car I would not want that measurement to be any less than 2.5 inches.


agreeing with Mike…2.5 minmum…2.75 is maybe better. Avoid problems with folded top stowage. Nick

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