XK120 OTS Trim questions

Hi all,

Trying to improve and get things right on my '52 RHD OTS. I have a question about the carpet floor trims along the door. Viart shows that underneath the chrome trim there is a ‘draught strip’, BD.633, what material/specification is this please? Is it the same as the moquette that runs down the A and B posts os something else and does anyone have a photo of this done correctly please?

Also at the NEC classic car show last weekend I saw an original paint 120 and the chrome carpet trims were of a much wider section than any of the repro items you can buy in the UK. It is of course possible that they had been changed at some point but does anyone know what the originals looked like?

this is a moquette product carpet colour wrapped around approx 1/4 inch diameter rubber tube exactly the same product used around doors of MKII
Of the top of my head I would have said identical to B post
A post is a letter P shape rubber
top of chrome trim for doors 1/2 inch to absolute max 5/8 inch wide can measure precisely
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I believe Terry is right about the original rubber tube, but I use foam tubing, in the sill seal.
Chrome sill trim in photo is the original before re-chrome.


“I saw an original paint 120 and the chrome carpet trims were of a much wider section than any of the repro items you can buy in the UK”

Is this the chrome trim you’ve seen? It’s the original “Retainer” BD.4741 of my 1954 OTS.
Wonder whether these can be “saved” as otherwise I might be confronted with your problem with the repro’s. Although, just saw some strips offered on eBay UK and they look identical.

Bob K.

PS. Just noted that some part suppliers now deliver BD.9935 ( from XK 140) as a replacement for BD.4741. I don’t know whether the cross sections of the two are 100% identical but the XK 120 is 66 cm long and the XK 140 version 74 cm.

Thanks all that’s really helpful, I love this forum!

I’ll make up some moquette seals for the sill, it should be pretty easy.

Here is an image of my current carpet trim. As I suspected it looks way too narrow and I think stainless steel instead of chromed.

I bugbear of mine but why is it that hardly anyone can produce correct repro parts?!

Bob, they look very salvageable to me with a rechrome, but I think I also have just seen the ones on eBay. There items I have seen are made by a metal working company and are £68 each (gulp) but they look excellent quality and the right sort of dimensions.

If someone can provide the exact width, I will see if these match. Here is an image I took at the show at the weekend of the unrestored car - again wider (and flatter) trims.

Did FHC in 1952 have these same chrome trim pieces?

Different part numbers.
Nothing listed for alloy.
Steel OTS



I don’t have any of them and my Urs Schmid books are packed away.

Terry McGrath is correct on the width dimension. The visible top edge of my XK120 originals measure slightly over 1/2” and slightly under 9/16” in width.

They were supplied only to the OTS models, and their purpose was to tuck-in the finished edges of the two carpet sections along the door sills.


See dimensions of BD.4741 in the sketch below.

Bob K.

Here’s what mine ended up like.


Alloys did not have chrome retainers but the sill seal was as per the steel cars, a piece of flat steel inside it was screwed to the floors with number 4 wood screws

Thanks for the measurements Bob I realy appreciate it. I asked the question of the eBay seller today and his are the right size so I might bite the bullet. They look so much better Chris the right size, I’m going to have to change mine!

I didn’t know alloy car were different in this respect.

Thanks again for the help!