XK120 Pastel Blue Paint

I have had several requests regarding Pastel Blue paint. I have been very fortunate to have purchased, some years ago, a '53 that retains its original Pastel Blue paint, which has been lovingly preserved for now almost 70 years. In 1953 Jaguar had just changed from the lacquer paints to synthetic enamels. These, of course were “single" stage paints. For exterior surfaces, there was a good primer applied and then more than one coat of the top coat. All modern car finishes, of course, are done with a “two" stage finish; primer, base coat, clear top coat. Modern paint suppliers generally formulate for two stage paints, but you can get single stage paints if you poke at it hard enough. A picture of the original can of touch-up paint that came with the car is the first photo.

My car has a license plate bracket that has never been on the car and never exposed to the effects of weather. The paint on this bracket is richer and shinier than the paint that is on the car, which, of course has weathered to some extent. The bottom picture shows the license plate bracket on the bonnet of the car. You can see some of the difference, but it is a little more noticeable in person.

I had the local paint shop scan the bracket and mix up some paint to match. Photos of the paint car are attached. Note that the Dupont ChromaBase is designed as a two stage point, with a clear coat to be applied overtop. For anyone restoring a car, I would recommend using a modern paint. They are so much better than the single stage enamels of the day.


Thanks for the response and info. Someone on the forum sent me a message last night that the website “XKDATA” has a car on there (680906) which has the right color. The car happens to be at a dealership in Beverly Hills so I am going to see if I can get a paint guy to match it.

I would grab a bunch of paint sample cards from Home Depot or your favorite house paint place and take them along. Pick the closest, then ask your car paint source to match it.

Hi Bill…is it not possible to find out who painted the car…it looks a recent refurb…and possibly they have records of what they used…Steve

As per XKdata, the car is at Schmitt Cars in St Louis. Yesterday I emailed a hopeful request for the paint code, should the records they have show it, or, the name of the California restorer. No response as of this morning (Saturday).

Rob, are you talking about #680906?

Yes. No response from Schmitt at this time. They do show the car in their inventory as #690906.

Sorry; mistyped the VIN; it is 680906.