XK120 radiator parts?

Anyone know of a source for the cast iron bottom hose elbow on a XK120 radiator? I have had this beat up XK120 radiator with a cut off lower hose connection (circled below) in storage for 25 years. A couple weeks ago I pulled it out of the box thinking I would scrap it, but thought I would tinker a bit with it before I did that. Dismantled and flushed out, I found it was not in that bad of shape. Once the tanks are off the core, the dents are easily massaged. The cut off lower hose connection is more problematic. Anyone know where I might find one?

Not the best example, but the price is right. Yours for the taking.


I’m interested. PM coming

How does one join the cast iron to the brass pan?


Mine was soldered.

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Makes sense, though it takes a lot of heat to get a good solder joint with cast iron, especially with some of the stronger solders.

Yes, soldered, as are the steel brackets on either side of the top tank.

Yes, they first put a coating of brazing (i.e. brass) on the cast iron. Then they can solder to it.
I had to do a similar repair on the lower elbow of my '38 SS rad.
Stuck a piece of copper pipe in first.
Built it up with weld.

Then cut out the copper pipe.

Ah! So there’s an intermediate step. Logical. More difficult to bond solder to cast iron than to bronze or brass.