XK120 Rear Bumper Spacers

I’m trying to remove the rear cylindrical spacers but the bolt won’t budge. Any ideas?

In my experience it’s the dissimilar metal corrosion where the ali spacer has welded itself to the bolt. I had to cut through the spacer where my 4 inch grinder would fit
I’ll post a picture if I can find it

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Thanks Phil, that’s what I figured. It sat for a LONG time so it’ll be a swear fest getting them out. On a little different subject…the car is essentially a rolling chassis with the body in preparation for paint. Before I bought it I only heard it run for a few minutes. No smoke, concerning noises, etc. I’m think that since it’s out, I might take the head off, check the cylinders, bearings, etc before putting it back in and having to take it all out again. Thoughts?

Yup. It’s a must do at this point.

Yeah, I think that’s the common sense way to go. Thanks.

Thanks for posting this. Reminds me of the devil of a time I had once trying to remove an intake manifold from the cylinder head. Same sort of dissimilar metal corrosion that went on. I think I’ll try and remove my rear bumper spacers and smear some anti-seize on the bolt shanks in order to pre-empt ever having a problem like this.

I got the right one out an hour ago after 3 hours of fun. The 1/2 bolt that goes through the spacer is absolutely “welded” into that spacer. Really incredible. Tomorrow I tackle the left side.

Mine were worse than Phil’s. I wasn’t able to save anything.