XK120 Rear Fender Braces - drawing?

I’m missing the two rear fender braces for my XK120 OTS, p/ns BD4512 and BD4513.

These seem to be fairly simple pieces so I was a little shocked to see them priced at a hundred bucks each. Ouch.

I’m sure these braces can’t be too difficult to fabricate, but does anyone happen to have a drawing?

Piece of welding rod bent to give you the overall length and shape Nick,
then some 5/16"rod threaded each end, weld on a washer (i use two nuts each end)
And Bobs you Auntie ! 200 bucks Whaaaa ! sounds Deer.
Peter B

Let me see if find one and I will draw it up.

Thanks, Mike. That’d be greatly appreciated, otherwise will follow Peter’s path to enlightenment.

Is it my imagination or are XK spares getting pricier?

the picture shown is not an accurate copy of the part, the threaded end without washer is much shorter both in the unthreaded area and the thread
price is ridiculous $20.00 item made as one ofs and $5.00 item made by the 100

Hi Nick,

Here are some pics of mine. No reason to believe they are not original.

As already mentioned, the rod is 5/16” diameter. hope this helps.


£25 in UK ($30) per pair


Thank you, Simon. A much better representation than what appears above. Is the offset between the two bends about 90 degrees?

$30/pair is more like it should be, Jim. Some of the spares pricing I’m encountering while in this final stage of the restoration is eye-watering. While we should be grateful we can still find parts for 65+ year old cars that gratitude shouldn’t be subject to a 600% markup.

Is the part you are looking for? These appear to be reproductions, so they may be of dubious dimension.

Those are they, Mike, thank you. They look like the supplier pic above so likely repros. As long as they fit and do the job, no problem.

Hi Nick,

No, it’s slightly less than 90 degrees. I took that last picture to try and show that as best I could.


Ah, thanks again Simon. I perceive it more clearly now.

Nick, you don’t want to know how much I had to pay for a pair of these, which were horribly rusted, dented, with badly welded repairs and only just useable as patterns. Original 1964 AC Cobra 289…

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I make the overall length to be 13-1/2", with one end threaded 5/16-22 BSF x 1/2" long with a flat washer welded where the thread stops, and the other end threaded 5/16-22 BSF x 1" long with double nuts where it is attached to the chassis bracket. This is a FHC so it may be different from the OTS.

That measurement provides the finishing detail, thanks Rob.

This generous XK subset of JL is a wonderful resource.

I have a set of BSF (and BSW) taps and dies and a handful of spare 5/16-22 nuts so may just cut the threads to original spec, just for chuckles, though that level of dedication to originality detail on parts tucked under the car that nobody can distinguish from UNF might be considered just a bit over the top :sunglasses:.

Certainly not!

Do it right, Nick. Perfectly normal behaviour.

Iv’e cut mine BSF Nick, being the stickler to originality that I am, or was it that the BSF die was top of the pile?
anyway , !
Of course a judge will know when he / she applies a 1/2” AF spanner instead of the correct 5/16 BSF or is it 3/8 Whit?
Peter B.

It’s 1/4 Whit spanner, Peter.

Yes , of course Roger, but I left it so someone else could join in😊.

$200 the pair to buy. $8.00 materials cost to make.


and why that pic is sideways I do not know. :sunglasses:

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