XK120 Rear Fenders/ Mudguards Bead Depth and Width?

A previous owner cut away the insets that would have retained either a decorative beading or the spats on my rear fenders. I’m going to splurge and have a shop restore them, but need to know the depth and width of these insets first. More than one reply would be great as, these being something of a hand-built car, I’m sure there are differences from car-to-car and I’m hoping to arrive at an average.


I tackled exactly that problem on mine . I think if you buy the new bead first and make the new flange to suit that . This is my effort …

And this …

I measure a width of 5/8 inch.

The foam is to the edge of the metal.
Are you installing spats or brass bead?
If spats, then there are other things to add.
There is a 1/8" x 5/8" x 2-1/8" bar welded to the inside of the inset lip for strength where the spat clip lock rubs on it.
Then two pegs for the spat to sit on.


On my XK120 DHC (steel wheeled with spats, July build '53 for which I obtained NOS rear wings circa '64) the flange against which the spat abuts is 5/8" wide and is recessed 3/8". In addition, 3" up from the bottom of both the front and rear that flange is shaved in a curve down to 1/4" width at the bottom of the wing. Without lying on the floor and looking at it from underneath, I suspect this cut away segment accommodates the mounting brackets attached to the spat that fit on the pins at both the front and rear of the wing. Hope that helps, although things may be different on a wire wheeled car, which I believe Big Jim’s car is.


Beautiful. Thanks guys. Chris, Jim mentions a depth of 10mm in his video which is close enough to your 3/8" comment leading me to believe they’re one and the same. I have a mill so I can also shave the dimension on a bead to more closely match what I get back from the shop – if needed.

Yes, a bead Rob as this car was converted to wire wheels from discs – so, no spats.