XK120 shifter lever

I’m hoping some kind soul can tell me the order of washers, spring washers, etc on the shaft through the base of the gear lever (the fulcrum for the fore/aft movement of the lever). I seem to have got mine mixed up, or maybe someone previously did. There is a double-spring washer, and I don’t know which side of the lever it should go. None of the diagrams in books and workshop manual seem to show the order clearly.

Many thanks, Rob - most helpful.

You will find that they only work one way. Ask how I know :slight_smile:

I’m sure you’re right. At the moment I have the spring washer on the other side and it seems indecisive whether to select 1st or reverse. I think swapping things over should cure that.

Called thackray washers. if looking for them. [ although often called thackery, or thackrey.}

Thanks, Ed. I actually ordered a Thackray washer for my boot lid prop. Couldn’t think of the proper name off the top of my head on this post!