XK120 steering wheel alignment

Hello Everyone,
I recently made a full geometry tuning of the XK120 and it now drives much better than before but I still have a question regarding the steering wheel alignment.
I discovered the toe is adjustable through the central rod, which makes the driver wheel actually only adjustable via the steering wheel.
It does work, but then how are we supposed to align the front and rear wheels and steering wheel rotation so that it is straight on? (I don’t think the rear axle is adjustable at all?)
Thanks in advance, I must be missing something!

Early OTS had adjustable tie rods, but by your question I am assuming you have a late OTS or FHC or DHC with fixed length tie rods.
You set the toe-in after setting chassis height with the torsion bars, then camber and caster.
Then to align the steering wheel straight, you have to remove it from the steering column and put it back where you want it. It is on a splined shaft so you can get it pretty close to having the spokes horizontal and vertical.

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It’s a DHC indeed! :slight_smile:
I did all the geometry measurements and tuning at the specified height (34cm between the dampers top abutment on the chassis and the bottom centre attachment if I remember correctly, and a level chassis at the rear) so that should be all right now. I used the specified figures from the workshop manual for camber and caster, but I followed something I read here about the toe : the current radial tyres being more rigid than the original ones, I reduced the toe in by about 30%.

That is why I suspected, thank you very much for the confirmation! That will do a little winter project ^^

I wonder why they deleted these adjustable tie rods, though. Do you happen to know if they sometimes surface as used components?