Xk120 vent box spring question

(Ron Smith) #1

I’m restoring the vent boxes on my 53 FHC and can’t seem to find anything in the archives or manuals that resembles my parts. The tube that is between the two tabs in the front of the box by the cotter pin have two holes. Which one takes the pin? One of the originals had some little discs inside the tube, and I think they are for tensioning the spring, but it looks like it’s all been apart before. If someone has a shot of these or can describe how the adjustment works, I’d appreciate it. On one side, the mechanism functions without any tensioning discs, but the spring shows a bit in the middle when open, and is at a sharp angle (apex out) when open. The other side spring likes to pop out when opened. What am I missing? Will get a photo tomorrow if this doesn’t make sense to anyone.

(Tadek) #2

This is what you should have according to the SPC:


  • Plunger, for Springs
  • Rivet, Fulcrum, for Plungers
  • Washer (Brass) at each side of Plungers
  • Rivet, securing Plungers
  • Spring
  • Sleeve, holding Spring
  • Slug, in Sleeve, adjusting tension on Spring
  • Pin, Split, securing Sleeve

I cannot find any better pictures than this:

Not shown is the spring and the washers.


(Ron Smith) #3

Thanks. When I figure something out, I’ll post it.

(Rob Reilly) #4

Left side.

Mine on the left side sometimes overextends, pops out and gets cocked. The reason is that the hinge got bent rearwards a bit.

Right side works fine.

It is showing a little less of the piston than the left side.